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Expert guide & prompts

Gen AI tools to Power Retail Efficiency in Q3

Retail supply chain and operations professionals know the work of process- building and improvement is virtually endless.

Generative AI offers comprehensive strategic assistance with processes across the supply chain, but only for those who know how to ask the right questions. Get our e-book and uncover best practices for simplifying operations without heavy legwork. 


What’s Inside?

Succinct, impactful steps to integrate Generative AI into daily operations

Why ChatGPT

Learn why mid-, senior-, and even executive-level retailers increasingly turn to Gen AI design better operations. 


Prompt Tutorial

Not all prompts are created equal. We’ve summarized the essentials for writing prompts that return high-value results.


Essential Use Cases

Apply Gen AI to real supply chain issues. From allocation to knowledge retention, we reveal which operational areas benefit most.

Plus 8 Powerful Prompts!

Succinct, impactful steps to integrate Generative AI into daily operations

Scenario 1

Demand Forecasting and Market Analysis

Scenario 2

Supplier Communication and Negotiation

Scenario 3

Inventory Optimization and Management

Scenario 4

Logistics and Distribution Strategy

Scenario 5

Performance Reporting and Analysis

Scenario 6

Special Projects and Initiatives

Scenario 7

Process Improvement and Innovation

Scenario 8

Knowledge Management in Supply Chain

Behind the Guide

Onebeat is a retail technology company helping retailers leverage AI to optimize inventory and revenues. Founded by Goldratt Consulting - proprietor of the world-renowned "Theory of Constraints" Method for supply chain management - Onebeat created "Streamlining Brick-and-Mortar Operations with ChatGPT" on  the basis of survey responses from the companies' combined client base of more than 500 retailers on operational processes they most wanted to improve with assistance from Gen AI.

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More About AI-Driven Retail

Onebeat is the first retail technology platform to utilize AI and ML to promote in-season inventory performance.
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